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For PT customers


The coach is a trained personal trainer (Trainer4You) Max Nevalainen. He will support you throughout the training program, answer questions and, if necessary, follow / guide the training.

We do an initial survey and optimize the training program just for you. We use an efficient and functional structure in the training program, we optimize it just for you. You will receive meal recommendations in addition to your workout program.



Before you get started, you should actually make a small investment in a smart watch. We recommend FitBit Charge 4, or better models. The smartwatch acts as a tracking device. There you will enter a lot of entries. The watch counts calories, measures sleep and resting heart rate, and stores all the information you enter.

Your job is to report weekly:

1. Calories burned / day (Mon - Sun)

2. Food eaten / day (Mon - Sun)

3. Amount of sleep / day (Mon - Sun)

4. Resting heart rate / day (Mon - Sun)

5. Morning weight / day (Mon - Sun)

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